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Our Team

Vinny Sembler – President

Vinny’s Journey began as a Union electrical apprentice in 1999. He has over 20 years of electrical experience. He worked his way up through the ranks. Starting as an Apprentice, then on to become a Journeyman. He then worked his way very quickly to become a Foreman running multiple projects in and around North Jersey. In 2012 he was given an opportunity to become a General Foreman running projects which consisted of approx. 40-50 electricians. 
Vinny believes that his field experience is what sets himself apart from everyone else. Having physically installed conduit and wired fixtures, he knows exactly what it takes to get a project completed. He is very “Hands on” at Vinler Electric which is why some of his client’s love working with him. They call and email, and he is quick to always respond. Vinny Oversees all operations of Vinler Electric. 
Contact Info: or (201)666-0327 Ext#302 .
John Cataldi – Superintendent 
John oversees daily operations at Vinler Electric. He ensures manpower is on the correct jobsite and that all work is being completed in a timely matter.  John Started his electrical career in 2000. He started out as an apprentice in IBEW Local Union #164. Completing his apprenticeship, he went on to become a Journeyman and eventually a Foreman. John’s field experience allows him to know exactly what is needed to get a project completed on time. 

Contact Info: or (201)666-0327 Ext #303